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AA Quarter final

single elimination

1 & 2 seeds have a bye

St Anthony's (4) over Fordham Prep (5) 2-0

Msgr Farrell (3) over Xavier (6) 11-3

Semi final

Chaminade (1) over St Anthony's 5-2

Iona Prep over Msgr. Farrell 8-5

Congratulations to Chaminade HS wnners of the 3021-22 St. Patrick's Trophy


A Division 

Quarter final

Holy Cross over St Francis 3-2

Semi final

Stepinac over Holy Cross 5-0 

Xaverian over Kellenberg 7-5


Xaverian over Stepinac 6-4

Congratulations to Xaverian



Mitchell/Meyer Cup


St Peter's over St Joseph

Congratulations to St Peter's winning the Mitchell/Meyer Cup over Msgr McClancy 6-3



JV Division


Chaminade over Iona Prep 8-0

Xaverian over Farrell 5-4 OT

St Anthony's over Kellenberg 8-1

Xavier over Fordham 10-5

Semi final

Chaminade over Xaverian 7-3

St Anthony's over Xavier 4-2


Chaminade over St Anthony's 3-1

Coongratulations to Chaminade!