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Thirty-nine seasons of Christian Values and Sportsmanship

The fall of 71'. A great idea, enthusiastic student athletes

and a strong support from school administrators, planted the seed

for the Catholic High School Hockey League. Players, there were

dozens. Student opinions, overwhelmingly excited. That same fall

of 1971, talks between two schools, Mount St. Michael Academy and

Cardinal Hayes began, to discuss the possibility of a league for

the Catholic High Schools in the New York City area.

Mt. St. Michael's Hockey Moderator Brother Sumner Herrick

scheduled a time frame regarding the amount of time it would

take to get the league started, and he scheduled meetings with

interested schools. Iona Prep, Sacred Heart, and Stepinac joined

Cardinal Hayes and Mt. St. Michael's in playing non-league games

during the 1971-72 and 1972-73 seasons. From these humble

beginnings, momentum for a league began to grow. The Catholic High

School Hockey League was incorporated into the CHSAA

during the 1973-74 season.

All Hallows, Cardinal Hayes, Iona Prep, Mt. St. Michael's, Salesian, and Cardinal Spellman

took the ice thirty-nine seasons ago and CHSAA Hockey had gone from a dream to a reality

. That first season, Fordham Prep and Bishop Dubois played non-league games against

"The Original Six" and officially joined the league for the 1974-75 season. The formation of

a JV division occurred during the 1974-75 season.

During the 1980's new schools appeared in the league and original teams left

. Bishop Dubois, Salesian, and Cardinal Spellman left while Monsignor Farrell, Power Memorial,

St. Peter's, and Xaverian, the first school from the Diocese of Brooklyn, were added.

By the end of the decade, two schools from the Diocese of Rockville Centre, Chaminade

and Kellenberg Memorial, joined the league. As the 1990's began, ten schools were playing

varsity hockey in the CHSHL. St. Raymond's began playing in the league during the 1993-94 season.

Then in 1994 the New York Rangers ended their Stanley Cup drought of fifty-four years and with the

New Jersey Devils winning the Stanley Cup in 1995, the New York area went crazy for hockey.

When the 1995-96 season began, two more schools from the Diocese of Brooklyn, Bishop Ford and St. Edmund's Prep,

joined the league as well as the first school from Queens, Holy Cross. The 1990's ended

with Christ the King, St. Francis Prep, St. Joseph by the Sea, Monsignor McClancy,

Archbishop Molloy, and Xavier as members of the CHSHL.

The 2011-12 season will be the thirty-ninth for the league, and we have lost another school in Msgr. McClancy

Fifteen varsity teams and six
JV teams will start play the week before Thanksgiving.

The league has come a long way since the first meeting in 1971.

If not for the efforts of Bro. Sumner Herrick, Fr. John Lennon, Tom Clifford, and Bob Santini,

there would not be a Catholic High School Hockey League today.



COMMISSIONERS 1973-74........Bob Santini
                           1974-78........Tom Clifford
                           1978-87........Bro. Tim Brady F.M.S.
                           1987-93........Sean Sullivan 
                           1993-00........Frank Dunn
                           2000-09........Mike Mitchell
                           2009-13 ........Frank Dunn
                           2013- present....Pat Scanlon


    1973-74  Cardinal Hayes        1974-75  Cardinal Hayes          
             Tom Clifford                   Tom Clifford             

    1975-76  Cardinal Hayes        1976-77  Cardinal Hayes           
             Tom Clifford                   Tom Clifford             

    1977-78  Cardinal Hayes        1978-79  Cardinal Hayes           
             Tom Clifford                   Tom Clifford             

    1979-80  All Hallows           1980-81  All Hallows              
             Sean Sullivan                  Sean Sullivan            

    1981-82  All Hallows           1982-83  All Hallows             
             Sean Sullivan                  Sean Sullivan            

    1983-84  Fordham Prep          1984-85  Xaverian                 
             Joe Abbatine                   Joe Patti                

    1985-86  Xaverian              1986-87  St. Peter's             
             Joe Patti                      Bill Swarthout          

    1987-88  Msgr. Farrell         1988-89  St. Peter's             
             Mike Hosmer                    Greg Statis             

    1989-90  Msgr. Farrell         1990-91  St. Peter's             
             Joe Musanti                    Tony Sarlo               

    1991-92  Msgr. Farrell         1992-93  Chaminade                
             Joe Musanti                    Jim Fitzpatrick         

    1993-94  Msgr. Farrell         1994-95  Msgr. Farrell           
             Joe Musanti                    Joe Musanti              

    1995-96  "AA"  St. Peter's     1996-97  "AA"  Msgr. Farrell      
                   Sal Gerardi                    Joe Musanti        

             "A"   Xaverian                 "A"   Fordham Prep       
                   Br. Joe Mussa, OSF             Joe Abbatine       

    1997-98  "AA"  Msgr. Farrell   1998-99  "AA"  Msgr. Farrell      
                   Joe Musanti                    Joe Musanti        

             "A"   Holy Cross               "A"   Fordham Prep       
                   Mike Mitchell                  Joe Abbatine       

             "B"   St. Joseph-Sea           "B"   Bishop Ford        
                   Ken Grogan                     Richie Meyer       

    1999-00  "AA"  Xaverian        2000-01  "AA"  Xaverian           
                   Br. Joe Mussa, OSF             Br. Joe Mussa,OSF  

             "A"   Stepinac                 "A"   Kellenberg         
                   Greg Egan                      Keith Doran        

             "B"   St. Edmund Prep          "B"   St. Francis Prep   
                   John Borgia                    Bill Turner        

    2001-02  "A"   Msgr. Farrell   2002-03  "A"   Iona Prep          
                   Harry Baboulis                 Rob Whelan         

             "B"   St.Francis Prep          "B"   St. Peter's        
                   Bill Turner                    Al Serflazza       

             "C"   Holy Cross               "C"   Xavier             
                   Mike Mitchell                  Brian Geissler     

    2003-04  "A"   Iona Prep       2004-05  "A"   Chaminade          
                   Rob Whelan                     Frank Bendl        

             "B"   Molloy                   "B"   Holy Cross         
                   Rich Rodgers                   Mike Mitchell      

             "C"   Msgr. Mc Clancy          "C"   Xavier             
                   Mike Brenneis                  Al Di Mauro        

    2005-06  "A"  Fordham Prep     2006-07  "A"   Fordham Prep       
                  Alan Pilla                      Alan Pilla        

             "B"  St. Joseph-Sea            "B"   St. Edmund Prep    
                  Anthony Larca                   Dan Borgia         

             "C"  Msgr. Mc Clancy           "C"   No C Division      
                  Mike Brenneis                                      

    2007-08  "A"  Iona Prep        2008-09  "A"   Monsignor Farrell                              
                  Tim Turnbull                    Peter Jerabeck                                       

             "B"  Archbishop Molloy          "B"  Holy Cross                       
                  Jim Sheldon                     Kevin Goodspeed                                     
             "C"  Holy Cross                  "C" Cardinal Spellman                       
                  Kevin Goodspeed                 Tom Siegel  

   2009-10   "A"  St. Anthony       2010-11    "A" St. Anthony
                  Jeff Stelmok                     Jeff Stelmok

             "B"  Holy Cross                   "B" St. Peter
                  Kevin Goodspeed                  Ed Blackburn

             "C"  St. Peter                                     
                  Ed Blackburn

   2011-12   "A"  St. Anthony        2012-13    "A"  St. Anthony
                  Jeff Stelmok                       Jeff Stelmok

             "B"  Holy Cross                    "B"  Holy Cross
                  Kevin Goodspeed                    Kevin Goodspeed   

  2013-14    "A"  St. Anthony        2014-15     "A"  Chaminade
                  Anthony Auciello                            Frank Bendl
             "B"  Xavier                                              "B"    Xavier
                  Al DiMauro                                          Al DiMauro
                           JUNIOR  VARSITY          

    1975-76  Cardinal Spellman        1976-77   Cardinal Spellman  
             Anthony Taranto                    Chuck Malone
    1977-78  St. Raymond              1978-79   Cardinal Hayes       
             Robert Billings                    Bill Beggi       

    1979-80  Mount St. Michael        1980-81   St. Peters           
             Br. Tim Brady                      Greg Statis         

    1981-82  Power Memorial           1982-83   Mount St. Michael    
             Rich Capuano                       Br. Tim Brady     

    1983-84  St. Peters               1984-85   St. Peters           
             Greg Statis                        Greg Statis          
    1985-86  Xaverian                 1986-87   St. Peters
             Pete Dunadee                       Greg Statis  

    1987-88  St. Peters               1988-89   Iona Prep            
             Greg Statis                        Darryl Kowal        

    1989-90  Chaminade                1990-91   Chaminade           
             Jim Fitzpatrick                    Jim Fitzpatrick               
    1991-92  Chaminade                1992-93  Chaminade
             Jim Fitzpatrick                   Sal Miro

    1993-94  Msgr. Farrell            1994-95  Chaminade
             Chris Schuler                     Keith Doran

    1995-96  Kellenberg               1996-97  Xaverian
             Keith Doran                       Adam Moloney

    1997-98  Xaverian                 1998-99  Msgr. Farrell
             Adam Moloney                      Chris Schuler

    1999-00  Iona Prep                2000-01  Iona Prep
             George Teasdale                   Scott Kowal

    2001-02  Iona Prep                2002-03  Chaminade
             Scott Kowal                       Vinny Capasso

    2003-04  Chaminade                2004-05  Chaminade
             Vinny Capasso                     Vinny Capasso

    2005-06  Archbishop Stepinac      2006-07  Chaminade
             Dan Bouganim                      Ed Armellino

    2007-08  Chaminade                2008-09  St. Anthony
             Ed Armellino                      Frank Drisco
    2009-10  St. Anthony              2010-11  St. Anthony             
             Frank Drisco                      Frank Drisco

    2011-12  St. Anthony              2012-13  Chaminade
             Frank Drisco                            Ed Armellino

    2013-14  Iona Prep                 2014-15    Chaminade
             Pat Scanlon                                 Ed Armellino

                     CHAMPIONSHIP GAME RESULTS
 2002 - at Coney Island, NY  Bishop Timon-St. Jude- 6  (Buffalo, NY)
                             Msgr. Farrell - 1       (Staten Isl. NY)

 2003 - at Buffalo, NY       Iona Prep     - 5  (New Rochelle,NY)
                        (OT) St. Joseph    - 6  (Buffalo, NY)

 2004 - at New Rochelle, NY  St. Joseph    - 5  (Buffalo, NY)    
                             Iona Prep     - 1  (New Rochelle,NY)

 2005 - at Buffalo, NY       Chaminade     - 1  (Mineloa LI NY)
                             St. Joseph    - 5  (Buffalo, NY) 

 2006 - at Mt. Vernon, NY    St. Joseph's  - 3  (Buffalo, NY)    
                             Fordham Prep  - 0  (Bronx, NY)     

 2007 - at Buffalo, NY       Fordham Prep  - 2  (Bronx, NY)      
                             St. Joseph    - 3  (Buffalo, NY) 

 2008 - at Mt. Vernon, NY    St. Joseph    - 5  (Buffalo, NY)        
                             Iona Prep     - 1  (New Rochelle,NY)

 2009 - at Buffalo, NY       Canisius      - 5  (Buffalo)
                             Msgr Farrell  - 1  (Staten Island)

 2010 - at Mt. Vernon, NY    Canisius      - 2  (Buffalo)
                             St. Anthony   - 1  (South Huntington)

 2011 - at Buffalo, NY      St. Joseph     - 3   (Buffalo)
                            St. Anthony    - 2   (South Huntington) 

 2012 - at Nassau Coliseum  St. Francis    - 3   (Buffalo)
                            St. Anthony    - 4   (South Huntington)

 2013 - at Niagara University     St. Joseph     -  3   (Buffalo)
                                  St. Anthony    -  0   (South Huntington)
 2014 - at Nassaau Coliseum       St. Joseph     -  2   (Buffalo)
                                  St. Anthony    -  1   (South Huntington)
2015 - at Niagara University     Canisius   -   6      Chaminade   -1